All windows of the home are inspected. Opening and closing of all windows if accessible. Checking for defects do the windows open and close, are they missing latches, or is there damage at the latches,missing screens or damaged or torn screens, cracks in the glass, Is the caulking separating or missing, Is the glass separating from the frame, is there moisture present around the windows entering into the structure, if windows don't open or close this can be an indication of foundation movement, are the windows below 44 inches from the floor if not this is a fire code violation, missing safety glass, windows may need glazed, old, single pane windows, etc. Windows are an important part of your home they keep out insects and rodents, moisture, and keep out people. Windows allow light into the interior space of a home Once you have received your inspection report you will be able to view what defects may be present at the house