Why Have your home inspected?

Some of the obvious reasons to hire a Home inspector in the Houston Texas area is to determine the condition and expose  defects present at the  home you are about to purchase, so you can make an informed decision on weather to purchase the home. The home inspection report than can be used to negotiate the price of the home or be used to have defective items repaired. If there are major defects this can save you thousands of dollars.Although future unexpected failures of some items cannot be predicted. There are some items that can be determined to be arriving at the end or near the end of there life span. This can help you to budget for future replacement of some items such as Roofing materials and Old galvanized supplies. In most cases I include the age of a/c and heating equipment, and water heaters if labels are present. If a/c and heating units are 12- 15 years old or older I recommend a home warranty be purchased. Water heaters 10 years or older I recommend replacement It is highly recommend you have a home inspection performed on any home you are thinking of purchasing. The home inspection will make you more informed of the condition of the home and better prepared for the future. The home inspection is an unbiased report of the condition of the home for the client. I tell you the truth about the condition and what defects are serious or need more investigation by a third party professional. I'm hired by you and I work for you alone I have no interest if the home sells or not.The only interest i have is providing  accurate information about the condition of the home you are considering buying. Let me help you steer clear from that bad home inspector visit the link on how to hire a bad home inspector.

The question isn't does the home have any defects. The question is does the home have serious issues or hazardous conditions present. Having your home thoroughly inspected by an experienced home inspector who cares about the quality work they provide will give you peace of mind during this exciting yet stressful time. Let us take some of your worries away.   Go with a Houston home inspection company that checks all the boxes.