Have you seen some issues with your new home and are now questioning that there may be more issues that you don't know about, or you might just want to be on the safe side and have the home checked out before your one year warranty expires. Maybe you didn't have the home inspected in the first place. Have your home thoroughly inspected before your builders home warranty expires this will be your last chance to have the builder to take care of issues. Most builders only provide a one year warranty on structural components.It's amazing that one of the largest purchase you will ever make is backed by a one year warranty, but in most cases this is true. Why should you have faith in the builder when they don't have any faith in there product. If they did they would offer more than a one year warranty, about the same warranty as an electric tooth brush. Let Houston's Edge Home Inspection check everything out to make sure there are not any major defects present. I will document everything in a report and if any major defects are present you have a record and you can present the report to the builder for repairs. Don't let that builder off the hook costing you money out of your pocket. Schedule your 11th month warranty home inspection for peace of mind.