Always view a home inspection report before hiring.

Below is my showcase of past inspection reports. I believe the best way to judge someone's performance is to view there work. That's exactly what a home inspection is it's the documentation of the facts the inspector collected at the time of the inspection about the condition of the home. If there's only one thing you research about an inspector this is the best place to start. So for your viewing pleasure click the right greater than symbol to start navigating through report. If you would like to see other reports click on the tad at the top that reads see more.

Once you have went through the past reports and did your due diligence give me a call so I can add you on my home inspection calendar. Once I have completed the inspection and delivered the report you will think I had a whole inspection team go through the home. The fact is I’ve performed every home inspection since I started inspecting homes in 2009.

What makes a tremendous home inspection report?

After years of experience an inspector acquires a eye for attention to detail during the initial inspection and than during the production of the report being careful to include all the details and revealed problems of the home. As a home buyer this should be very important that a professional home inspector delivers a very high quality detailed report.

Delivering an exceptional report just doesn't come down to a single item. There are multiply qualities that go into producing noteworthy reports. The individual preforming the inspection has to have work pride in other words has to want to go above and beyond the normal home inspection service. Generating some reports with numerous defects can be tedious and exhausting, but I happily do it for my clients.

What a home inspection report may reveal.

Home inspection reports can provide the client with great information about the home. The report will give you a lot of knowledge about structural and mechanical components. You know first hand if there are some significant issues you need to have further investigated by a specialist in that area. This may include, but not limited to Foundation, issues, Electrical panel and branch circuit hazards, Hvac system cooling or heating not working properly, roofing defects and possible replacement plumbing problems just to name a few. A good inspector will document all the details in the report what was found at the time of the inspection.

Why you should try to attend the home inspection service.

One of the best opportunities for the home buyer to learn first hand about the condition of the home is at the time of the inspection service. This is great for the home inspector as well. At this time you will get time to accompany the inspector through the home while the inspector is evaluating the home. Attending the inspection is your best chance to gain valuable insights from the inspector. This is the time to ask questions and the inspector will highlight major concerns and safety issues. Knowing what issues are server or simply small cosmetic issues will help you buying a home.

What to expect when receiving your home inspection report.

You will receive an easy to understand report because what's a report worth if the client and the real estate agent doesn’t understand the report. Lot's of photos documenting issues or information. They say pictures are worth a thousand words they help provide a clear explanation of what the inspector is trying to convey. My reports are formatted into a PDF and delivered to clients email next day.

Why I don't delivery the report on site?

I take the approach of focusing on the inspection process at the home inspection. Being in the home for a limited amount of time does not allow me to optimize a report to the needs of a prospective client. Custom reports can take hours for most homes so focusing on the standards of practice and going beyond is my top priority. While at the property making specific notes as I go along through the inspection process. This approach always me to expose issues at a typical home inspection. If this is the type of report you would prefer instead of a cookie-cutter report schedule your home inspection now.

Note that the report will be one of your most powerful weapons in negotiating repairs, replacing old non functioning equipment, deteriorated materials, and bringing safety issues to compliance. So don’t underestimate how a great inspection report can save you from expensive repairs or the safety of you and your family.