Thermal Imaging is included in every home inspection at no addition cost.

Thermal imaging, also called Infrared or Tomography, is a photography that captures an image based upon wavelength of light that have a lower frequency than normal visual light. Infrared home inspections detect differences in temperatures. An Infrared inspection combined with the traditional visual home inspection can reveal invisible problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Including hidden moisture problems or moisture intrusion, roof and plumbing leaks, missing insulation, faulty wiring, and energy loss, ventilation problems, and moisture related to termite infestations. We identify moisture problems and confirm them with other equipment such as a moisture meter. Using infrared technology gives Houston’s Edge home inspections a huge advantage over other inspection companies not utilizing the infrared technology. Infrared home inspections provide more information about the property you and your family are about to purchase, and in some cases exposing hazardous conditions that are invisible to the naked eye.

There may be potential hazards in the electrical systems that aren't visible without an infrared home inspection. Almost always electrical systems overheat prior to failing which could be a potential fire hazard if left undetected. Infrared home inspections are really the only way to safely get a reliable electrical home inspection. Also unseen moisture  or moisture intrusion problems can cause mold, which can affect air quality of the home. Home inspections without infrared may not reveal these unseen dangers. Unknowing you and your family are not exposed to these hazards is a very valuable service provided in every home inspection we perform. Houston’s Edge Home Inspections provides infrared home inspections to provide you with more information about the property you are about to purchase.