The home buyers guide through the eyes of a home inspector.

After watching certain home buyers make mistakes multiply times in an attempt to find the right home to buy. I quietly though to myself. I believe I could help home buyers to weed through homes and make a better decision. The only problem was I couldn't help them out on the first home purchase because I wouldn't meet the client until the first home was under contract and they were in there option period.

So I continued watching buyers make numerous offers on homes because the homes were not in the condition they had anticipated and hoped for. They were caught off guard as to the amount of high dollar defects the home inspection had exposed. Helping home buyers in Houston TX or anywhere for that matter is a tall order. How could this be accomplished. Well we need to go through the mistakes to find the answers so lets start off there.

The mistakes home buyers make.

Not asking the right questions about the home. Lets make a list of what questions that could eliminate a deal killer while buying your first home. With all the flooding in Houston in the last few years this should be one of the top questions on your list.

Has the home flooded and if so what repairs were done? If the home flooded ask to see the mold test report if no air samples or mold testing were preformed how would you know if the work was preformed properly and the threat of mold was eliminated. I have seen some issues after hurricane Harvey were things were not repaired properly The tail tail sign is always trust your nose you know the smell musty, moldy smell.

Is the home in a flood plain if so the home could have flooded multiple times with in the last few years. That may be something you don't want to deal with. It's a very devastated and depressing ordeal to go through. So do your research this is 101 how to buy a home

Foundation repair evidence.

First time home buyers in Houston TX. need to know about the expansive soils conditions that exist in the greater Houston area. So it's common in our area that at some point the home may need foundation repairs or it may have already had them done. So make sure you ask if the foundation has been repaired in the past especially on older homes.If it has it's not a deal killer just make sure their's a lifetime transferable warranty. Take a look at the paper work call the company that preformed the foundation repairs to verify their still in business.

Old deteriorated shingles observed at a Houston home inspection

Ask the seller how old the roofing materials are . Roofing replacement is very expansive so buying your first home in Houston when the roofing materials are at the end of there life expectancy will leave you with a big expense in the near future. Regular 3 tab shingle will usually last around 15 years and architectural shingle around 20 years in the Houston Texas areas These shingle types life rating last longer than this , but tend to fail earlier in our area.According to Angie’s list the average price to replace a roof is$4,900 -$14,100 several factors contribute to a cost of the roof to be replaced.

Galvanized plumbing supplies found at a Houston home inspection in Texas

Ask what type of plumbing is present. This is very important to know because if the home has galvanized pluming supplies found in older homes. They will be at the end of their expected life span and what home buyer wants to deal with leaking plumbing supplies that can cause other hazards as well if left unchecked. Replacing pluming supplies will also be a high dollar item to replace.

Old a/c systems what home buyers should know.

Find out how old the a/c system is. The average life span is from 12-18 years old and older systems containing R 22 will become obsolete soon. The reason why is because at the beginning of the 2020 year you wont be able to legally purchase R 22. Although normal electrical issues can be repaired if you have a R 22 leak the system will either need replaced or converted over to an excepted type of a/c refrigerant. According to nerdwallet the average cost to replace an air conditioning unit is $3,000 to $7,000 on average.

What first time buyers should know about aluminum wiring

If your buying a home built in the 1970"s or before one thing you should ask the seller if the home has single stranded aluminum wiring. Aluminum single stranded wiring is not used today because of the potential fire hazards. Also I would note that it may be difficult to gain homeowners insurance coverage with a home that has aluminum single stranded wire.

Getting tips from a home inspector could help a first time home buyer. Certainly following the above advice of what questions to ask a seller diffidently can help first time buyers purchase a home. The key is knowing how to weigh the information as to how to buy a home with out problems or too many high cost issues. No home is perfect expect defects the first time home buyers guide is my way of helping first time home buyers in Houston tx..

Let's face it buying a home is stressful and expensive.

It start right from the beginning trying to find the home and applying for a mortgage. Than the expenses start to add up closing, cost , monthly payment , interest rates and of coarse the purchase price. Than comes all the stress you have to go through from discussing price range waiting around in nervousness for the loan officer to call hoping you will received the pre approved for the your home loan. All the phone calls back and forth with the mortgage lenders about the loan program what documents they need .Buying your first home in Houston TX. is exhausting tiresome and worry-some.

Home buyers guide Houston Tx. can help buying a house weather it's in rural areas or the city. The main key is asking important questions so you limit big ticket items coming up in the inspection report that either you have to try and negotiate with seller to get fixed or the price reduced . Sometimes negotiations don't go well and you have to walk away from the home. As you will find out searching for homes is a job in it's self not to mention you will be out some of the money for inspections.

Hello my name is John Fish i'm a Home inspector in Houston Texas I hope this will help some of you in your future home buying experience. Let me known if this helps and if you need a home inspection click on the link and see how my inspection service can protect you and your family. Get all the details of what's going on and what potentially expensive or safety issues a home may have to hide. According to home porch the average home inspection can save you 14,00.00 for items listed on the inspection report so don’t underestimate how powerful a home inspection can be.

This article is not meant to turn any home buyers into an inspector. Sometimes knowing what information is needed will make a very informed buyer and that's what I set out to do with this blog post.

Thank you everyone for reading my article good luck to all you home shoppers out there ins Houston and surrounding areas.

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