What's this meam for your Houston home inspection?

The bad news in Houston Texas is the soil is highly expansive meaning the soil  expands and contacts a lot. So what can be done to help with your Foundation in Houston Texas. Well there are many things that go into play when maintaining your foundation in the Houston Texas area. One of the things that can be done is to keep the soil around the foundation  at a consistent moisture level.This can be accomplish in a few different ways, but the best way is with a soaker hose use a timer for consistence.You will not use this all year around consult a structural engineer for correct time of year and  watering times. One of the biggest mistakes in using a soaker hose is the placement of the soaker hose. Do not place the hose right up against the foundation keep it about 12" away from the foundation. The grading and drainage can affect the foundation. If you have water draining towards the foundation this can negatively affect the foundation. Check your drainage patterns around the foundation. Check drainge patterns  when you have a good hard rain does the grading direct water away from the foundation, or are there areas where water ponds  around the foundation.Water needs to have a positive slop away from the foundation if you have water draining towards your foundation you should talk to an irrigation specialist for solutions.Many times over looked are the gutters. Gutters need regular cleaning. There are many times during a home inspection I have observed the gutters are full of debris. Your gutter system should direct water away from the foundation. Some of the common problems I observe during a Home inspection are the downspouts are damaged or missing sections allowing water to drain directly at foundation. Missing gutter extensions or splash blocks to direct the water three to five feet away from the foundation. Gutters don't slop towards downspouts to drain properly run water from your hose and see if water drains towards your downspouts or does it spill out of the gutter in areas. If so the gutters need to be adjusted so the gutters slope towards the downspouts for proper drainage. If you have plumbing leaks they will need to be fixed this can affect your foundation as well. Trees and there root systems can also affect your foundation.There are many things that can affect the performance of your foundation in the Houston area, The good news is proper maintenance along with a proper watering program, and proper drainage can help keep your foundation  functioning as intended.

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