To Drone or not to Drone that's the question

There's a lot of confusion about the commercial use of drones? I can defiantly see the potential for drones used in commercial  businesses. So to me any technology to improve service for my business is worth looking into. In the home inspection industry drones could be very helpful on roof's that are to steep to safely walk. A drones use in these areas could provide images or video of these areas that would not be accessible or visible. It may even save lives or injuries. I have found myself in some dangerous situations at times trying to view areas during a roof inspection. I know we can say the roof is not safely walk-able, but not being able to see certain areas of the roof may have hidden damage.This is where the drone would be of service for a home inspector keeping you out of dangerous situations, while still being able to view these otherwise unsafe or inaccessible areas.So are drones legal to use in the home inspection industry. Well the FAA  has repeatedly claimed that flying a drone for commercial purposes is Illegal. So if you go by the FAA rules  you cannot use a drone for commercial use. So to make it even more confusing in 2011 a Federal administrative law judge overturned a penalty of $10,000. by the FAA  on  Ripheal Pirker for using a drone to film  a commercial. Judge Patrick Geraghty said there are no laws on flying a drone commercially and ruled in favor of the defendant.So where does this leave us. This leaves us looking at the state laws in your state. In Texas there are some areas where commercial use is allowed it does say Real Estate brokers are able to use drones to take aerial photos, along with other exceptions. So this still leaves me confused about drone use in the home inspection business. Although we inspect Real Estate we are not Real Estate brokers.I do see some inspection companies utilizing these technologies, but am unsure if this is legal. So I'm waiting for the FAA to regulate the rules for commercial use. These are supposed to come out at the end of the 2015 year, but the FAA is behind and it doesn't appear that this will happen until 2017. So until I know that I can utilize this technology and be 100 percent legal doing it. I will wait until the  FAA makes it's rule changes regarding drone being use  as a commercial service.

John FishComment