Home inspection reports have come a long way.

Over the last 15 years home inspection reports have come a long way, and this is definitely good news. The creation and advanced improvements in software for home inspectors has been a major reason.These programs allow home inspectors to  include through detail reports with photos,and even videos in the reports. I remember buying my first home and looking at the inspection report.The report was more of a check list with some comments hand written into a small space hardly legible. To tell you the truth it didn't tell me too much about the home and left me more confused than informed. Well times have changed for the better and during a Houston area home inspection you find out much more about a home than ever before due to the advancements in technology. This is good news for home buyers and sellers learning much more about the home than ever before. make sure your home inspector takes advantage of new software and provides a detailed and computer generated report. If your inspector still uses the check list style report  than that's bad news. Hire a Home inspector that takes advantage of technology you will be much more informed and better prepared. 

John FishComment