It's spring and time for home maintenece in Houston Texas

Spring is here and the weather is starting to change this is the time to look around your home. Before you start spreading the mulch around make sure you have some of your foundation exposed. This is a common mistake made by home owners and landscapers. The recommendations is to have about 4" of foundation exposed on a brick veneer home and 6" on a wood siding home. Many times during a home inspection the flower beds are built up over the slab making a conducive condition for termite activity giving termites an easy entry point into your home.With the proper amount of slab exposed you may be able to see a termite tube going up the side of the home. If you see a mud tube going up the side of your foundation break it open to see if it's ants or termite if termites are found call a licensed termite inspector for a termite treatment of your home. Check out your vegetation growing around your home. it's a good ideal to keep all vegetation off the walls of your home for proper ventilation to prevent wood rot , moisture damage to your home  and conducive conditions for termite activity.Check your wood siding for wood rot or moisture damage also look up at the soffit of your home look for holes or moisture damage. Clean all debris out of your gutters drainage is very important and overlooked by many home owners.The next time you have a big rain check out the drainage patters around your home. make sure you don't have areas where water drains towards your foundation of your home this will lead to foundation damage overtime. Are there debris obstructing the water shedding abilities of your roofing materials if so this can cause roof leaks and the life of your roofing materials. It's a good ideal to look around your windows to see if the caulking is separating if so than it's time to re calk these areas. Remember moisture is the enemy of your home so sealing any gaps or holes will save you allot of headaches and extra expenses. Having your a/c system serviced in the spring can save you money and extra wear on your system it could be the difference of your system breaking down in the summer. Summers are hot in Houston and a/c repairs are harder to get done in a timely manner in the middle of summer making the home uncomfortable for you and your family. These are some areas to check out in the spring time if you would like a more complete list have me perform a maintenance home inspection I will provide you with a report and photos of areas that need repairs or maintenance. thank you for reading Houston's Edge Home Inspections LLC   

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