I can schedule a licensed termite inspector to inspect the property for Termites Wood destroying organizes(WDO) . This can be scheduled for the same time or within the Home Inspection window. The termite inspection is performed by a third party company. Please ask me to schedule a termite inspection for you along with you House inspection. I highly recommend having a termite inspection preformed. Termites cost Americans  billions of dollars every year.

Look out for conducive conditions for termites.

Do not stack wood, cardboard or paper on the ground next to your home this makes an easy meal for a termite. Wood next to the foundation gives termites an easy entry point into your home. High soil around the foundation will also make an easy entry point into your home. Try to maintain about 4" of clearance from the grade to brick veneer. Meaning from the grade you see be able to see about 4" of the slab foundation. On wood siding you should have about 6" of clearance from the grade to the wood siding. Many times adding mulch in your flower beds will decrease this clearance and making it easy for termites to enter the structure of the home. This also makes it harder to detect the present of termites at a home. See termites will make mud tubes up the side of the foundation to gain entry if a good clearance is maintained. this makes it much easier to spot termites early detection is key. Termites need moisture and over grown vegetation will provide moisture for the termites moisture draws termites. keep vegetation cut back about 6" from your siding will help. Wood fences in contact with the home will also make for an easy entry point into the home. Do you have leaking water pipes if so repair these areas. Poor drainage around your home will provide termites with the moisture they need to live and thrive. Make sure water is not draining against your foundation or if the home is a pier and beam foundation make sure it doesn't drain under structure.