Inspecting Service Entrance and Panels. There are many serious defects that can be present in this area. These can be small issues to life threatening.  During the electrical inspection the wire type will be documenting along with the panel rating we will also locate the grounding rod,location of service panel, overhead or underground service, inspecting service panels for defects and incorrect installation of panel or wiring,  physical damage , Missing anti oxidant grease at aluminum service wires, panel clearance main be an issue, incorrect location of the panel, evidence of aching inside the panel, missing bonding screw in main panel, the panel may need to be sealed around to eliminate water intrusion into the panel, there are also certain electrical panels that have safety concerns such as shock hazards and fire hazards these panels are Federal Pacific and  GTE sylvannia- zinsco  when these types of service panels are present  replacement is recommend. where overhead service is provided there can be low service wires, over yards, driveways, roof, too close to windows etc.