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My services are highly recommend in fact every review I have is a five star review. The reason for the high mark is I'm extremely professional and always try to do a great job. I spend a lot of time on my inspection reports and my attention to detail is second to none leaving the client with a detailed report with all the potential problems documented.

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Why give a review to your home inspector.

If you receive great service it's important to take the time to write a review. Written reviews informs the public about the type of work the individual preforms on a routine basis. Informing the public is great it can help people find the right home inspector and could be the difference in hiring a good inspector. Also home inspection reviews can help the home inspector know where they need to improve there service.

When I receive a review from a client it makes me proud of my work.

When the client takes the time to leave me a review I am so grateful. I know everyone these days are so busy so someone who takes the time to tell people what an excellent job I did well that makes all the hard work worth it. Receiving a review or referral is one of the highest complements you can give your home inspector.

How to receive good reviews as a home inspector.

I believe it starts from the first conversation with any potential client. Be courteous and honest that's a good place to start. Provide a great product meaning your home inspection service should strive to produce the best reports and service. Be consistent I know some days are harder than others, but you must be consistent with your service. Be available to answer all the clients questions. Be well educated in your field know your business and become the best. Below is a list of things home inspectors should implement.

  1. Always good beyond the clients expectations the best way to accomplish this task is provide a better report than your competition.

  2. Work hard it takes hard work providing a great service from the first phone call, email, text, providing great service will pay off. I have clients call me years later to book another home inspection or refer friends and family.

  3. Be dedicated to your home inspection profession. No matter how good you get at your profession you can always improve.

  4. Be friendly and courteous if your service is great and your grumpy, don't smile, possible even rude, that's what will stand out to the client.

  5. Be there for your clients. Responding promptly to your clients request or questions will always make a client feel special. Once you have made a client for special you will have that client as a customer and all there friends and family.

  6. Be flexible things happen and sometimes you have to be flexible to clients needs.

  7. Be honest well it speaks for it's self.

  8. Be on time for your appointments having a client wait on you is just rude. If a problem arises contact your client right a way and inform them.

  9. Follow up with your clients reach out and see if they have additional questions or concerns about the home there buying.

Why reviews are important to your Home inspection company.

The internet has pushed every business to provide the best service they can provide for customers. With more consumers searching online to fulfill there needs it is imperative that a Home inspection provide the best services and products as possible. That's way receiving fantastic reviews are so important. Having a client post a review is a big boost for your business and client reviews are so important. As a result clients have benefitted from better service .

Providing a review is helpful to everyone and clients should leave them.

Clients should really leave a review good or bad will give information to future clients and to the company. A review either lets the future client and company know if the services either fell short or exceeding the clients expectations. This sends a message to the company did they meet your needs or do they need to work on their services. It also sends a message to future home buyers about what they can expected.

Message to our pervious home inspection clients.

I would really appreciate an honest review of our services. I know it's extra time out of your day ,but a review really helps me to evaluate my services so I can provide the best home inspection for clients. When you let everyone know I did a great job it's a great compliment and helps my business and helps me to reach out to more customers and grow my business. Thank you so much for your reviews.

Testimonial from client for home inspection service

Quote from Byrone sharpe I hired Houston's Edge Home Inspections to do a late-in-construction inspection of my first new home. Being a first time home buyer. I was naturally full of insecurities and perhaps irrational fears. I picked Houston's Edge at random from a Google search but got way more than i expected. From the beginning John Fish was extremely accommodating and careful to explain the process we'd be following. Once on site, John exhibited himself as professional, thoughful, and intelligent. During each phase of inspection, John was intentional to explain what types of things he was looking for and why. Also though it was beyond the scope of the job he came to do, John patiently took time to answer other general "home owner" questions. His demeaner was very personable and I came away feeling not only that he knew what he was talking about, but also that he genuinely cared that my family would be safe and comfortable in this home. The price for the service performed was fair and reasonable and the report was generated and provided to me quicker than I anticipated. "Pleased" does not begin to describe how I feel. I,d highly recommend John Fish and Houston's Edge to anyone in need of a home inspector."