Most new construction home buyers believe that since the home is new that their is no reason to hire a home inspector. This is not true I have found many defects in new home construction some minor and yes some major. Some of these issues have included a/c and heating problems. Imagine it's moving day your moving your family into your new home on a Houston Texas summer day and the a/c is not cooling. This is not a good experience in Houston instead of spending your first night in your new home you might be spending it at a hotel. The other problems you may not notice until you sell the property and the buyers have a home inspection performed and defects are discovered that were present since the home has been built. Instead of getting the builder to have to fix the issues you have to come out of your pocket to either fix them or reduce the price of the home, because it's more than a year later and your warranty has expired. This is not the time to save a little money..schedule your new construction home inspection today.