Katy Texas home inspection services

After spending all your extra time you have finally found a home and your under contract and you have seven sometimes ten days to complete your Katy home inspection. Please don't get in such a hurry to just hire any  home inspection company. Take your time to ask the right questions here's a link to the home page of this website to learn how to hire the right home inspector for your home purchase in Katy Texas. This is defiantly not the time to bargain shop. Think of your Katy home inspection as an investment in your future. The home inspection can save you thousands of dollars either off the price of the home or having items repaired by seller. If you bargain shop and hire an inexperienced Katy home inspector it may cost you thousands. Usually the cheap home inspectors are the home inspectors with little experience. The question is do you want someone learning possibly at your expense on such a big purchase item. Paying little more for your Katy home inspection will pay off hire a certified  Internachi home inspector  with experience. I would recommend someone that has at least performed 500 or more home inspections. Houston's Edge Home inspections LLC can handle your Katy home inspection needs.My Katy home inspections are very detailed and through expect  spending a minimum of three hours at your home inspection. I prepare very informative and detailed home inspection reports. Reports are computer generated and delivered to your email within 24 hours usually by next morning. You will see pictures of defects to make it easy at identifying the problem. I provide high quality and courteous service. Infrared scan is included in all my inspections taking a look at the home with a different approach possible identifying a problem that wasn't visible with the naked eye, Please click on highlighted text for more information on infrared and what can be found. I perform every home inspection myself for consistent service and though Katy inspection reports. My services are not the most expensive or the cheapest. My pricing is fair for the valuable Katy home inspection. So if you like outstanding service  and a very through and detailed report please give me a call or visit my quote page and have me send you a quote for your Katy home inspection.