This is one of the parts of the inspection service that is most valuable to you and where many home inspectors fall short. There are many home inspectors that will rush through this part of the home inspection , but what good is a home inspection service if you don't understand the problems of the home. Good news there are a  group of elite home inspectors who excel in customer service yes customer service taking the time making sure your client fully understands what defects and hazards are present. Between the final walk through and detail in the report this is where you will see the difference from my Houston home inspections to most of my competition.  This is your chance to ask questions about the defects that are observed at the home inspection. I will show the location of the defects and what the actual defects are or potential hazard.. This will give you a much better understanding  of the defects. I will offer you recommendations of how to deal with the issue or refer you to the right professional to seek to have the defect repaired or replaced. If you don't understand what the problem is please don't be shy tell me. I will make sure you understand before leaving the inspection. After leaving the inspection my work has not been completed. All the information is gathered at each inspection area  any defects are noted in the home inspection report along with pictures and detailed comments.Once you receive the report to your email please confirm with me that you have received. I can also send the report to your Realtor if you so desire. I recommend you do have me send your Realtor a report. This will help your Realtor make a list of selected areas that you would like repaired. Any defects mentioned in the report does not mean the seller has to fix them, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I would pick items that are more important such as major defects if present. Nit picking small cosmetic issues are not going to benefit you  most of the time. If you need me to point out the top five things I would want fixed if I were buying the property I would be happy to assist you. Always read the entire report this will only benefit you. Information of the condition of the home is king and can be a difference maker in negotiating a fair price or if that can't be accomplish walking away from a bad decision before costing you financial stress along with emotional stress. It's no wonder why buying a home can be so stressful with so much on the line of making a good decision.