Types of inspection services provided.

Home buyers inspection service

This service is educating the home buyer about the previously owned home they are about to purchase.Want to learn about the home you have a contract on. Are there any major defects present? The best way to find out is to schedule Houston's Edge Home Inspections LLC to inspect the Houston home your about to purchase.Protect yourself from defects that may be present that you may not have noticed. Do you know what type of plumbing supplies are present at the previous owned home plumbing is very expensive you will definitely want to know what type of plumbing is present.If they supplies need replaced or are close to the end of there life span this is something that your Houston home inspection service with Houston's edge home inspections can inform you about. Replacing all the plumbing supplies can easy cost you Ten thousand or more. This is just one small ,but very important part of your home imagine how many components there are in a home and expenses can add up quickly. I have saved a client over thirty thousand dollars before on just one issue the roof was at the end of it's life and the sellers replaced it to save the sell of the home. If there was no home inspection service performed or you hired an inexperienced inspector the buyer would be in for a very expensive lesson in home ownership. So just remember  not only is a home a very expensive purchase it can also have very expensive items that may need replaced or repaired.  You have to know where and how to look for defects or you may never know they exist. Make sure to schedule your home inspection with a quality licensed and certified home inspector today.

Home sellers home inspection service.

This is a home inspection for the seller of the home. This includes all the structural components and Mechanical components of the home. The client or seller will received a detailed report of defects of the structural components and mechanical components. This will aid the seller in items/defects that need attention helping the seller receive top dollar if items are repaired. The seller can provide a home inspection report to the potential buyer. This breaks down what the defects were at the time of the home inspection and if repairers where made the seller can show what has been repaired. This is great tool for the buyer and seller to see. The buyer goes into the deal knowing what kind of issues there were and are they major or minor. This makes it so much easier for the seller and the buyer making both parties more informed of the condition of the home.

New construction Home inspection service

Most new construction home buyers believe that since the home is new that their is no reason to hire a home inspector. This is not true I have found many defects in new home construction some minor and yes some major. Some of these issues have included a/c and heating problems. Imagine it's moving day your moving your family into your new home on a Houston Texas summer day and the a/c is not cooling. This is not a good experience in Houston instead of spending your first night in your new home you might be spending it at a hotel. The other problems you may not notice until you sell the property and the buyers have a home inspection performed and defects are discovered that were present since the home has been built. Instead of getting the builder to have to fix the issues you have to come out of your pocket to either fix them or reduce the price of the home, because it's more than a year later and your warranty has expired. This is not the time to save a little money..schedule your new construction home inspection today.

Home warranty inspection see how your home is holding up.

Have you seen some issues with your new home and are now questioning that there may be more issues that you don't know about, or you might just want to be on the safe side and have the home checked out before your one year warranty expires. Maybe you didn't have the home inspected in the first place. Have your home thoroughly inspected before your builders home warranty expires this will be your last chance to have the builder to take care of issues. Most builders only provide a one year warranty on structural components.It's amazing that one of the largest purchase you will ever make is backed by a one year warranty, but in most cases this is true. Why should you have faith in the builder when they don't have any faith in there product. If they did they would offer more than a one year warranty, about the same warranty as an electric tooth brush. Let Houston's Edge Home Inspection check everything out to make sure there are not any major defects present. I will document everything in a report and if any major defects are present you have a record and you can present the report to the builder for repairs. Don't let that builder off the hook costing you money out of your pocket. Schedule your 11th month warranty home inspection for peace of mind.

what maintenance needs performed with home maintenance inspection

Maintenance inspections are a yearly inspections that provide the home owner about items that require maintenance or repairs.There are a lot of home owners that are unaware that there are regular items of a home that require regular maintenance performed. Annual maintenance home inspections help to identify small issues that can be repaired at a low cost, before they become a bigger issue and become much more expensive to repair. All items that require attention will be documented in a easy to read and detailed report with pictures. This is an unbiased report since we are not involved in the repairing of any items. I can give you advice on what needs to be repaired right away and what needs to be monitored. Annual maintenance keeps your home in good working order and a well maintained homes have less surprises saving you money in the long run.

Schedule a termite inspection along with your home inspection.

I can schedule a licensed termite inspector to inspect the property for Termites Wood destroying organizes(WDO) . This can be scheduled for the same time or within the Home Inspection window. The termite inspection is performed by a third party company. Please ask me to schedule a termite inspection for you along with you House inspection. I highly recommend having a termite inspection preformed. Termites cost Americans billions of dollars every year.

Look out for conducive conditions for termites.

Do not stack wood, cardboard or paper on the ground next to your home this makes an easy meal for a termite. Wood next to the foundation gives termites an easy entry point into your home. High soil around the foundation will also make an easy entry point into your home. Try to maintain about 4" of clearance from the grade to brick veneer. Meaning from the grade you see be able to see about 4" of the slab foundation. On wood siding you should have about 6" of clearance from the grade to the wood siding. Many times adding mulch in your flower beds will decrease this clearance and making it easy for termites to enter the structure of the home. This also makes it harder to detect the present of termites at a home. See termites will make mud tubes up the side of the foundation to gain entry if a good clearance is maintained. this makes it much easier to spot termites early detection is key. Termites need moisture and over grown vegetation will provide moisture for the termites moisture draws termites. keep vegetation cut back about 6" from your siding will help. Wood fences in contact with the home will also make for an easy entry point into the home. Do you have leaking water pipes if so repair these areas. Poor drainage around your home will provide termites with the moisture they need to live and thrive. Make sure water is not draining against your foundation or if the home is a pier and beam foundation make sure it doesn't drain under structure.

Schedule a pool inspection along with your home inspection.


I chose not to do pool inspection so I can focus more on the home. The main reason I take this approach is home's don't have pools all that often and as you know if your not doing something every day or on a regular basis you become rusty in that area. So I feel more comfortable leaving the pool to someone who deals with pools basically every day. This provides you with a solid inspection on your pool from an experienced professional. I recommend you have a pool inspection on any home where there is a pool present. There can be many high dollar items that can be defective so protect yourself knowing what the issues are. I can schedule a pool inspection company to come out and perform the pool inspection within the window of your home Inspection. Let me know if the home your buying has a pool. So i can schedule your pool inspection for you.