Pricing for your Houston home inspection services

With home inspection pricing nearly doubling in the last 2 years it has become very expensive to hire an experienced home inspector at a fair price. The reason for this is the rise of all the multiple home inspectors employed at one company. So the owner of the company wants to still make the same amount for each inspection and the inspectors that work for the company wants to make the same amount therefore the inspection fee is doubled to accommodate the two. It's good for them, but not so great for you. I have good news for you I have keep my pricing the same and pass the great value onto you. You benifit by being able to hire me an experianced home inspector at a great price.   All I need to give you a price for your home inspection is the square footage, the year the home was built and type of foundation meaning is it a slab foundation or pier and beam foundation. So gather your information about the home and give me a call at 832-229-8784 for your quote today.