How to hire the right home inspector!

 Not all home inspectors are the same. There are many difference between inspectors some charge a very high price, some have fair pricing, and others have cheap prices. Also consider how much time the inspector spends at the property does he spend only two hours or less out of the home in a blink of the eye with the report completed,or does he take three hours or more at the property, and another two or more hours completing the report ,providing pictures and very detailed comments.  Many times the cost is related to the experience of the home inspector, quality of the inspection and the report. Usually the higher the price the more experience an inspector may have and the cheaper prices may reflect a new home inspector starting out. Than there are the home inspectors that are very through with there inspections and reports this takes more time at the inspection and to gather all the information to put the report together usually taking at least three hours or more depending on square footage, age, and condition and three or more hours working on the report. The cheap inspections are usually as they sound cheap low quality spends about an hour and a half and are either done with the report or almost done and on there way to the next inspection on there list.So the question is what type of home inspector do you want for one of the largest purchases of your life. Do you want a cheap home inspector who may be learning at your expense or a more experienced inspector one who takes his time not rushing the home inspection or report providing a much valued service to the client. You may also want to ask what type of equipment the home inspector is using. Does the inspector use technology to benefits the client on finding things that may not be visible, or does he / she show up with just a flashlight, and a screw driver this can all reflect the price. The truth is inspectors get better as time goes one in most cases. Now some home inspectors have experience in other areas such as construction and home building before becoming a home inspector which can help. Education and training can really improve a home inspector as well, but nothing replaces experience. Experience does not mean just holding a Professional home inspection license. An experienced home inspector in my opinion has completed at least 500 inspections. Ask your home inspector if you can be present if not ask why. Your buying  the home and paying for the inspection report So why shouldn't you be present for such an important decision. Your the one buying the home and paying for the report. The inspector should want you there so he /she can make you better informed of all the defects. Now it's up to you make good decision and you'll be fine. 

Find out what type of reports the Houston, Katy, Cypress,Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Kingwood, Humble, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Richmond Texas Home inspector delivers. Is it a hand written check list type inspection. These types do not produce much details and won't be very informative possibly leaving you more confused then informed. Does the inspector offer a computer generated report with photos of defects. These types are more informative and can be delivered on site or to your email. Does the home inspector deliver report on site or with in 24 hours. Delivering on site in my opinion will be less detailed than a report delivered with in 24 hours. I deliver my reports with in 24 hours delivering you the most detailed reports . My work doesn't stop at the inspection at the home. I usually spend at least an additional two to three hours on the report sometimes even longer depending on how many defects are present.Ask to see a report are they easy to read meaning can you find the defects in the report  without any effort on your part, or is it difficult to read and find the defects. My defects are highlighted in red and are also located  on a summary page making it very easy to locate all the defects. I do recommend reading the whole report for all the additional information. You can check out the report page on this web site to see my reports.