Want a bad inspector don't hire one at all your guaranteed to get the worst home inspection. One of the worst things you can do is to make a decision not to have a home inspection at all. This is even worst than hiring a bad home inspector. The bad home inspector may find some defects for you not having a home inspections guaranties that you will have zero information about the home your about to spend a lot of money on.

If you would like to hire a bad home inspector hire only considering the price hire the cheapest inspector you can find. You will be sure to get a home inspector that is either inexperienced or one that's just in a hurry to get done and move on.One of the most common questions is how much is the cost of the home inspection service. This is the first question that a lot of clients ask first. Although this is important it's not the only thing you should be considering when hiring a home inspector. After all this is a very expensive purchase and you'll regret it if you hire a bad inspector to save  $100 or so dollars.If you hire the inspector with the cheap price and he or she misses a major issue the $100 you saved at the home inspection may end up costing you thousands and that cheap home inspection was much more expensive than you expected.Save yourself some money and hire yourself an experience inspector pay a little more up front, but save in the long run. 

Hire the inspector from a real pushy Real Estate agent that insist you must use there inspector.Most Realtor's are great and have your best interest and will steer you in the right direction as to recommend a few home inspectors, but be careful there are a handful that don't feel the same way and just want to sell the home.If you feel that your Realtor is really pushing a particular home inspector on you beware. You might want to say I was going to ask around and hire my own home inspector. See what kind of reaction you get if the Realtor is still trying to get you to use the home inspector he or she recommends you may want to get your own home inspector. There has only been a few times when a Realtor has come to my unhappy about the defects I had listed in the report. One time was about Aluminum wiring being present in the home. The Realtor said I was costing He or she money because the buyer was backing out of the purchase because of the hazards and there insurance would not insure for Aluminum wiring. The Realtor said I could have made it sound better in the report and it is common in older homes so it's all right. I did advise the client to check insurance rates or if they could get insurance and have a Licensed and Certified electricians to evaluate all connections. I made it know that I abide by a code of ethics and can not candy coat any hazard found during a home inspection masking the client feel like it is not important. I work for the client only and not the Realtor and the client was very happy knowing this information, but again most Realtor's have your best interest as well.

ant a bad home inspector than don't ask any questions. How can you find out anything about the service your about to pay for if you don't ask your home inspector any questions about the home inspection service. Don't ask the inspector about the type of tools he or she uses. Don't ask how long he or she will take inspecting the home your about to purchase because that may give you a good ideal of how thorough the inspection may be. Also I wouldn't ask ask the inspector you hired anything about the report when is it delivered,how long does your average report take you to write, or is it complete onsite, do you add photos to the report, is it a narrative or just a check list.

This is just a guide you can use to hire a bad home inspection company. Of course nobody really wants a bad home inspection so do the opposite hire a company that cares about the home inspection profession and has pride in his or her work. I am courteous and professional always trying to provide the most for the client. Sometimes you have to pay a little more for premium service  and that's what I deliver thorough home inspections and particular reports.I spend the time at the property and on the report. There is no way I could deliver a completed report with as much detail at the end of the inspection. So use this as a guide and hire yourself a great Houston home inspector.