Why zip level measurements help during your foundation inspection ?

The obvious reason because Houston TX is known for expansive soil conditions. These types of soils can cause foundation movement due to soils expanding and contracting in the greater Houston area. So that's why it's a good idea to have zip level measurements of the foundation on the home you plan to buy.

Why I provide The Zip Level service at no additional inspection cost?

I like to provide my clients with the best inspection as possible . My Houston zip level measurements will provide you with detailed information about the foundation that most inspection companies don't offer or charge extra. Giving you the best picture of how your foundation is functioning at the time of the inspection. We live up to your expectations where many other inspection companies fall short.

What type of inspections are the measurements included?

I include this service in all general home inspections or as a stand alone service for an unbiased opinion. How about new homes? Yes it's included. You may be wondering why on a new home inspection. It's very rear that your new home will have foundation issues, but it still gives you valuable information. You can tuck your report away for the future. The measurements will give you future reference point. That way if you ever feel like you have any foundation movement. Have the foundation re measured and compare the measurements.

Of coarse I will preform this service at an older home. This is when purchasing a home will be the most risky. The potential of movement increases on an older home and could need foundation repairs. So protect yourself and hire the right home inspector so you can have the piece of mind you deserve.

What type of foundations are measured?

All types of foundations are measured from slab foundations, Post tension foundations, Pier and beam foundations. The professional foundation inspection can expose issues on all types of foundations.

How's the service executed ?

I start the foundation inspection with a visible evaluation of the foundation noting any cracks in the foundation or step cracking in brick veneer , Drywall, poor drainage areas that drain towards the foundation, doors that stick at door jambs, windows that don't open, gaps/ separation at windows or doors. This is before I even remove the precision zip level from my tool box.

After I have completed all the visual inspection aspects of the foundation and noting any foundation damage. I start measuring after I have set a zero reference point. This gives me what the difference is from the zero reference point to the other locations measured. If accessible I try to take measurements of all major rooms at all four corners of a room. The foundation measurements will only be taken on a ground floor level meaning if it's a two story home I don't measure upstairs areas.

I will record all the foundation measurements into your report and give you my opinion if I believe the foundation is performing as intended. If i don't believe the foundation is performing properly will we recommend you seek a structural engineer or a foundation repair company to give you cost estimates of the expected expense for fixing the concrete foundation or pier and beam foundation.

What is a Zip Level?

A Zip level is a precision altimeter that you can use to take accurate measurements of the foundation and many other uses as well. I personnel use it for foundation measurements and sometimes if not obvious will use it to determine drainage patters around the exterior of the home. This measuring device is exactly what the majority of structural engineers would use and include in there engineer report when he/she inspections your home foundation.

In my opinion the this is the best measuring tool to use on foundations it's one of my favorite tools I own. It delivers reliability and accuracy time after time. I can just say I used a digital water level in the past and the zip level is so much better and such a joy to work with I absolutely love it. It really helps to determine if there may be foundation problems along with the visual inspection on the foundation.

Why not just have a foundation repair contractor look at the foundation?

Most foundation companies offer free foundation inspections. The reason it's free is because they want to make first contact with you. Remember there in the business to due foundation repairs and lets face it you just can't trust everyone to give you the right information. Don't get me wrong I know very reputable foundation companies that are honest and trustworthy, but the sad fact is not all are. So an unbiased opinion with someone who has noting to gain is always the best approach. This will safe guard you against any unscrupulous company practices.


At the end of the day Houston's Edge Home Inspections LLC provides an incredible service at no additional fee at the real estate home inspection. Giving extra value that other home inspection companies either do not provide or provide at an up charge to there client. That's why it's important to decide what type of Houston home inspector you would like to hire. Do you want a home inspector that just does enough to get by or one that provides a services that goes beyond your expectations. Once you see that your best option give me a call 281-770-2773 I’ll do a great job.