A lot more than you think can be learned from your doors than you would think. Doors keep moisture out of your home if they are functioning properly. They also keep wind and the hot and cold weather out. They keep people out of your home and also pest. If your doors are not functioning properly they may not be able to provide any protection from moisture, hot and cold weather, intruders and pest. During the inspection of your  doors.  All doors are inspected if accessible. I open and close all the doors in the home. Defects observed at doors during a home inspection can include. Holes in doors, loose hinges, deteriorated door jambs or doors, Key locks at the inside of entry doors which can be a fire hazard, Doors that stick at jamb which can be an indication of foundation movement, doors not latching or locking, large gaps at doors, which can allow moisture, pest, and rodents into the home, missing weather striping, safety glass not present, cracked doors, missing hardware, Moisture damage, Moisture damaged door jambs, doors that are not fire rating at the attached garage area, missing caulking, missing paint and so much more. Doors are an important part of your home providing protection against the elements and protecting your family. lets make sure your doors are functioning properly. Once I have completed your home inspection you will know the defects that are present at the doors of the home your buying.