Most people believe that the only function of your a/c system is to cool your home, but it provides two functions. See the a/c system of your home will pull the hot air into the system and remove the moisture out of the air. This is important to your comfort level and your home. Removing the moisture out of the air will make it feel much cooler than it really is. Than your system is also removing the heat out of the air. The heated air runs over a very cold coils cooling the air. There are many times I perform a Houston home inspection on a vacant home and the a/c is turned off. This is a mistake by the home owner especially in our very hot and humid climate in Houston Texas and surrounding areas. This can create a perfect condition for mold to grow. Most often vacant homes have all lights turned off window shades closed making the home dark. The humidity rises in the home with the a/c system turned to off and you have a dark damp place where mold likes to grow and of coarse there are many food sources for mold to grow.So now that you know you a/c system has more than one function make sure it's on even when no ones living there so it can do it's other function and remove the moisture out of that humid air. Also if not properly maintained your a/c system will not function as intended. Now let's take a look of some defects that can be found during a Houston area home inspection service at the a/c system.  

What types of defects may be present at a/c system

While inspecting the a/c system I will test the unit taking temperatures at all supply registers and returns. The temperature difference between the supplies and returns should be between 14*F and 21*F  difference from the supplies to returns if not than I will recommend an HVAC technician to evaluate and repair the system or systems. I will be looking for any damage at condenser and evaporator coil. Dirty coils can cause your a/c's performance to drop and cause damage to the unit,wear on the system, decrease the intended life of the unit, and yes decrease in cooling temperatures. This will also cost more money to operate the system do to more energy consumption. You will not be able to see these so it's important to have annual maintenance to make sure your coils are clean. The primary drain for the a/c may be clogged than the water will run into the drain pan and into the secondary drain line. If you see water dripping at the exterior at the secondary drain line than you need a/c service. The secondary drain pan is clogged and if there is no over flow switch installed at the drain pan than water may be leaking into your attic space and once again creating a conducive condition for mold to grow and causing damage to drywall. Insulation in drain pans many times I will see insulation located in the a/c drain pan this will cause the secondary drain line to clog so removal of the insulation is recommended.Rusted drain pan this is a red flag that there may be some issues with the a/c system or the primary line continues to clog over and over or was clogged for a long period of time. Bent fins at the condensing unit this can effect the performance of the unit, missing insulation at a/c lines, Lines freezing up during operating unit this is usually due to low refrigerant or dirty coils, dirty filter, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure your filter is clean,The a/c system is on an over sized breaker. This is a fire hazard  because the breaker will not trip if the wire is getting to hot and needs to be fixed by a licensed and certified electrician immediately. These are some of the issues that can be present during yourHouston home inspection service. It's a good ideal to have annual maintenance preformed so you can keep your unit in great working order and getting the most life out of the unit as possible.