The ceiling and floor areas of a home can tell you a lot about a home. You just need to know what to look for and home inspectors through training and experience develop the skills to easy spot indications of issues at the ceiling and floor areas of that home you are under contract to buy. The ceiling and floors may indicate problems with the foundation. There may be cracks present in the ceiling and floors.Now some cracks are just a cosmetic issue while others may indicate foundation or structural issues which I will let you know if I believe any cracks are cosmetic or a more serious issue and will require to be further investigated by a professional that specializes in that particular area.There are other issues that may be visible or may not be visible due to new paint or floor covering. That's why I use Infrared thermal imaging to look at these ares for hidden moisture from plumbing leaks, roof leaks, Condensation dripping from ducts, A/C or water heater drain pans over flowing in the attic space est. If stains are present  I will investigate the stain with infrared thermal imaging and test area with a moisture meter to determine if there is moisture present at the time of the inspection and this information will be included in your home inspection report . There also may be areas where insulation is missing. I will look in the attic area to view if there are areas present that are missing insulation although all areas are not visible in attic from a safe platform. This is why I also use The infrared camera to view the ceiling areas and this can also spot areas where insulation is missing. There also can be electrical issues present from exposed wires to excessive heat at light fixtures or receptacles and infrared will be utilized once again to expose any of potential issues. Know what kind of issues are present before you finalize the buying process certain defects can cost you thousands leaving you in a very bad financial position. Don't allow this to happen to you and your family and schedule your home inspection with a trusted home inspection company like Houston's Edge home inspections LLC .