Did the inspector find any appliances defects?

Appliances inspectedDishwasher, Food Waste Disposer, Range Exhaust Vent, Range Cook top Oven, Microwave Oven, Mechanical Exhaust Vent, Garage Door Operator, Doorbell, and Dryer Vent are all tested for operation any defects are noted etc. Did you know that dryer vents are found clogged with lint. This is a fire hazard and goes unnoticed by home owners. I have seen many clogged dryer vents while performing a home inspection for my clients. Some defects that have been observed during a home inspection at these appliances. Starting with the dishwasher leaking onto floor, Leaks at drain under kitchen sink, missing air gap, No power at unit, unit doesn't pump water to unit,unit did not operate etc. Waste disposer noisy units, foreign objects stuck in disposer, missing splash guards,improper wiring, rust at unit,unit did not operate etc. Exhaust vents rang hood, disconnected duct, venting into cabinet,Flex duct material used, leaks air in cabinet,vents into attic space, duct tape at vent connections,exposed or improper wiring, units that do not operate etc. Range cook top and ovens Electric cook tops burners that do not heat up to an appropriate temperature level,  Burners that do not operate gas or electric, missing temperature control knobs at cook tops and ovens, Over that do not operate within 25*F of set temperature, gas shut off valve not present at gas cook top, weak door springs, broken handles,broken door fronts on ovens, missing anti tip device at cook top ovens, Units, did not operate at all,exposed wiring, and more. Microwave ovens defects. units that did not produce any heat or any functional heat for cooking, units that have excessive heat, Loose doors, loose handles, cracks in doors and handles,missing tune table trays, Doors that do not close and more. Mechanical exhaust fans vents that  vent to the attic space which in our hot and humid climate can cause moisture issues and mold growth, fans that do not operate, fans not present in bathrooms,loose connections,etc. Garage doors and operators.