Does that old home your about to buy have aluminum wiring present? That's one reason to hire a qualified home inspector to inspect the home you are about to buy. Houston's Edge Home Inspections LLC will inspect the electrical systems of the home you are about to purchase. The defects that are found will be included in the report you will know if you have aluminum wiring once the inspection has been completed. Don't get stuck with aluminum wiring make sure to hire the right home inspector. If aluminum wiring exist and is not pointed out during your inspection this could cost you thousands of dollars or worst it could put your family in a potential fire hazard home. I use thermal imaging to detect hot spots that may exist in a home wired with aluminum wiring. Schedule your inspection today lets keep your family safe.

 Aluminum wiring  expands and contracts more than copper wiring.. Because of the  aluminum wiring expanding and contracting so easily with temperature changes, connection can become loose over time leading to overheating causing a potential fire hazard. Aluminum corrodes more easily and it's connections are more prone to oxidation eventually causing loose connections. The aluminum wiring is also a lot easier to become damaged or nicked due to the aluminum being softer. and malleable.Aluminum wiring has a higher electrical resistance all these traits of aluminum wiring create a potential for  fire hazard.

Read more about aluminum wiring hazards at Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). If you have aluminum wiring here are some signs you may want to look out for warm or hot face plates, flickering lights, and the smell of burning plastic. If these conditions exist I would recommend an Electrician that is qualified for aluminum wiring to evaluate, because homes with aluminum wiring have a greater potential to reach fire hazard than copper.  also if aluminum wiring is present in your home Would recommend regular inspections of electrical system by a licensed electrician who specializes in aluminum wiring.