Some homes are in better condition than others so results can vary, but I have yet to see a perfect home. Some homes have very minor defects discovered while others I have inspected have some major issues. So don’t focus on how long the report is and say man this home is in bad condition read the report there may be several minor issues without any serious issues present. although some things may be more important to you than they are to me. I like to rank issues high that save life’s, and hazards that may be present at the home. Then I will point out the more expensive issues and the ones that can turn a small problem into much bigger issues. So let me break it down into sections for you. There are some helpful links on the inspection defects page that have the defects that are found in each section this is a general list and not all defects that can be present at a home inspection. Remember no home is perfect and you should expect some defects of the home you are about to buy or sell.Some of these defects can be due to code changes which are still listed as defects, but may not have been required at the time the home was built. Like homes built before 2002 won't have Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (ACFI's) installed. These protect the home if a wire is arcing and will trip the breaker if a wire arcs making the home less likely to ketch on fire or burn down. 

There are many components to a home  and when they function  properly your home will be functioning as it was intended too, but when not than you can have failures in areas that need to be discovered. This is what we intend to find out during your home inspection service in Houston and surrounding areas is that home functioning as it was intended. there are mechanical areas and structural components that make up your home. Find out what areas are inspected and what type of defects may be present during your home inspection by clicking on the navigation links above inspection defects part two. there are drop down navigation links under each area describing types of defects in each inspected area