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Finding the home is only half the battle. The next step is hiring a home inspector. With so many choices of Houston home inspectors it's difficult to decide who’s the best choice for you and your family. That’s why Houston’s Edge home inspection’s offer more services included in the standard home inspection than the competition. What’s included besides the general home inspection? I include thermal imaging scan and zip level measurements all at an affordable price. I perform every home inspection. Knowing you have an experienced home inspector is priceless.. When comparing home inspection companies consider what’s included in the price so you can figure out what the best value is. I’m confident you’ll find our pricing and value is the best in the home inspection market. Need a honest thorough assessment of the homes condition highlighting all the critical details look no further. You found the right home inspection service company. Continue reading to find out exactly why I’m the right Home inspector when it comes to protecting yourself. If you like to skip directly to pricing inspection cost chart.

Before scheduling your home inspection read the home inspection check list to make the inspection go smooth without any unintended issues. When determining who to hire it’s a must to view a inspectors report of the home inspector you intend on hiring. Red flag if the inspector doesn’t make a report easily accessible. How to view one of my reports scroll this page until you see the report embed on this page.

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Why You should Hire me as your home inspector in for your Houston home purchase?

Why you should hire me to perform your Houston home inspection for one of the most important purchases of your life? Experience nothing beats experience so it is highly recommended you Hire a experienced home inspector. I have performed over 2000 professional inspections as a licensed home inspector in Houston Texas. This is why my reports are a step above the competition providing you with the most detailed information about the home you plan to purchase.

I work hard in providing you with a great professional home inspection with extra's included in your general house inspection. With so many extras included you will feel like your receiving an all inclusive home inspection package that is not being offered anywhere else. When you hire me you will know you have the best home inspector in Houston Texas. Give me a call or continue reading find out how I go beyond most professional house inspection services at a eminence value. Giving you the peace of mind as you proceed through the home buying process.

Top 11 reasons to hire me as your Houston Home Inspector

  1. Experience I have the experience that counts. You don’t have to guess who will be inspecting your home Inspection companies employing multiply home inspectors go by the founders/owners experience who may have tons of experience. It’s important to find out what the experience is of the home inspector that will be performing the inspection for you usually much lower than the owner of the company or could be a newer home inspector.

  2. My Reports are some of the best in the business. The home inspection report is the meat and potatoes of the what problem areas my be present at the home your buying. I provide a top rated report that’s detailed to each and every home I inspect.

  3. My tool box using technology will give you a Huge advantage.

  4. I work for the buyer and always give an unbias opinion. It’s important to know that you receive an honest valued judgment of the homes condition.

  5. Friendly customer service.

  6. My extra services provided at no addition cost with the purchase of your general home inspection. I provide extra service that you actually need not a bunch of gimmicks that add no value to the property inspection.

  7. Next day reports my custom reports are delivered the next day. Quality and detail that you cant get from a report generated onsite. Onsite reports are not going to be this type of quality that I provide.

  8. Affordable Prices that don’t break the bank. Fair pricing is what I do I could charge more for my experience and extra services, but I pay it forward to my clients. When people understand what a great valuate they received I receive referrals and that’s how I get repaid for offering a service at a fair price.

  9. I make myself available after the inspection to always answer your questions or concerns.

  10. The drive to always produce the best inspection service, reports, and customer satisfaction.

  11. I inspect the home as if I were purchasing for my own family. While performing home inspections I like to ask myself how thorough would I be if I was buying the home for my own family. The answer I always come up with is very thorough and informative. See I am a proud father of six and the safety of my family is the most important thing and I know the safety of your family is very important to you. This is why I provide the buyer with so much knowledge of the home.

How my pre purchase inspection service standout from the Crowd.

Zip Level Measurements

With my extensive service and value for your hard earned dollar. Here's how I accomplish outstanding service that you won't receive from most Houston home inspection companies. I measure the foundation with a zip level providing you with additional information about the foundation. I also execute a thermal imaging scan of the home. These are extra services that most local Houston home inspectors charge extra for. The extra services is just another way I achieve superior services. This gives additional information about the home so you can be a very informed home buyer. You can learn more about these services just scroll down to my toolbox.

All services performed are without any conflict of interest. I work for the client and will never allow a referral to cause dishonest reporting. I serve Houston proud with my Houston pre purchase home inspection. Inspecting every square foot from top to bottom. I also have an abundant of continuing education to keep me up to date with currant standards and to improve my quality and service.

Always striving to become the best in the home inspection business to maximize your protection against unseen defects a home may be hiding. Always providing unbeatable customer service and preforming a great job one home at a time. Want a better residential home inspection call today.

What information is needed to give home inspection quote?

Home inspection Houston cost are calculated by.

  • Square Footage of the Home please have the information available so I can give you a pin point quote. How old is the home? What type of foundation does the home have? Is it a slab foundation? Is it pier and beam foundation? Is the home on stilts ?Once I have this information I can provide you with an conclusive locked in quote. Schedule your home inspection Houston call me or send me a text with your email address and the property address. I can send you a hassle free quote. Click the link to view a price chart.

View a report Sample report

Inspection reporting image

Many Home buyers focus on the cost of a home inspection in Houston TX. Although price is important you should focus on if the home inspector will miss any potential problems that can cost you thousands of dollars. Find out how valuable property inspection can be. Learning how long the inspector or inspection company has been performing inspections. The more experienced the better the real estate inspection will end up for you. So if you hire a preferred home inspection Houston at a good value you will save money and potential headaches down the road. Protect yourself cheap sometimes means poor value and this is not the time for an inexpensive inspection on such a large purchase. Do your research find out how much a average home inspection costs and compare what they offer and how long they have been in business.

Home inspection report.

My residential home inspection reports are extremely detailed with photos and customized comments below photos making it very easy to read and understand without guessing. Reports are delivered next day with in 24 hour most of the time you will receive next Morning. Why I don't deliver onsite? This is very simple so I can produce a report that is straightforward so you and your real estate agent can clearly evaluate and identify any safety issues or big ticket items that may be present. Every home is different providing a unique home inspection report for every home inspection.

The best way to evaluate what type of work a inspector performs is viewing a report. Always view a report before you hire this is one of the most important things you can do before you make your decision. Available above is a home inspection report to showcase my work. You can also view some of my sample home inspection reports of homes inspected. These are not actual real names or addresses on sample reports just to show how the page is layout and detail present in report.

What's in my tool box?

What’s in my home inspection tool box image.

Zip Level pro 2000 used for obtaining foundation elevation measurements. This can tell you how level or unlevel the foundation is of the home your planning to buy. These measurements can also tell you how the foundation is performing. All the measurements will be documented in your report and is a great way of seeing movement in the future.

This is by far one of my favorite tools and is very helpful in providing additional information about the foundation.

Houston Texas and surrounding areas have some of the most expansive soil conditions I wouldn’t recommend having a home inspection in the Houston area without having the foundation measured. Learn more about this zip level measurements.

Houston Thermal imaging photo

Thermal Imaging Flir One Pro camera I can’t tell you how many times I have found hidden issues using the thermal imaging camera. See what can be found with thermal imaging in our Houston Texas area.

Moisture meter measurements photo

The delmhorst Navigator pro 3-in-1 Moisture meter. Confirming moisture at suspicious areas, stains, or areas identified during a thermal imaging scan where temperature anomalies have been observed. This is a great moisture meter to confirm moisture.

In addition to the tools above I also have an Infrared Thermometer, Ladders, Screw drivers, Tape measures, Water pressure gauges, GFCI testers, Binoculars, Phone camera, Android Tablet, Home inspector pro software etc.

As you can see I have great tools that will complement the service for the client so they benefit in knowing if there purchase of the home is in good condition or need costly repairs.

Providing services to meet your needs

Home Buyers inspection buying a home that's already owned. Weather the home is fairly newer or a much older home I can help. Each of these homes can benefit from an inspection many times finding issues that you may not have been expecting. buyers home inspection service.

  • Homes that are newer in most instances will have less defects , but there are exceptions. So make sure your armed with the knowledge of the condition of the home before you sign on the bottom line.

  • Older homes defiantly can have a long list of defects some are just because of codes changing over time. When buying an older home you really need an experienced home inspector. Click here to learn of common issues with and older home. or view the list below.

  1. The electrical panel and branch circuits. Older homes run the risk of having many electrical defects. Some of the more serious types of electrical defects are. Single stranded aluminum wiring which can be a fire hazard, if connections become lose. Missing GFCI protection, double tapped breakers, hazardous panels

  2. Galvanized Plumbing supplies. If your buying an older home one of the most common pluming issues is the home may have galvanized plumbing supplies which will need replaced because they are at the end of there expected life span. This will be an expensive repair that will need negotiated or budgeted for.

  3. Foundation issues many older homes have foundation issues and knowing that I take foundation measurements and always a plus always going the extra mile.

  4. Roofing materials are old and in need of repair. Once again this a high cost item that you need to be aware of. Knowledge is key and not having the information will cost you.

  5. There are many other issues that can arise in older homes, but we can’t stay here all day.

Selling your home see how we can provide information to help make the sell go through without a hiccup with the sellers home inspection service.

new home inspection buying a newly constructed home and you don't think you need a home inspection read about our new construction home inspection service.

Is your new home warranty about up. Ever wonder why you can get a longer warranty on a car, T.V. or many other items doesn't make sense, but that's the reality. Do yourself a favor and have your new home inspected before your one year warranty expires.

Not sure what items need regular maintenance to keep your home in good working order and preventing unnecessary high dollar repairs. I can come out and give you a clear report on what needs maintenance to keep your home in good condition year after year with our home maintenance home inspection service.

Looking for where moisture is entering your home give me a call I can help with a thermal imaging scan.

Always have your inspection accompanied with a termite inspection service which I can schedule for you along with you home inspection service.

Pool inspections are a must is there a pool at the property your buying have me schedule a qualified pool inspector to go over the pool so you don't have any unexpected repairs.

The peace of mind Houston home inspection will ease your mind understanding the condition of the home this is provided at no additional cost.

Roofing inspection photo

Roof inspection service have me come out and inspect your roof. Remember I'm not there trying to sell you a new roof your paying me for my opinion not a new roof. Some companies try to sell you a new roof when all you need is some repairs or maintenance. Don't be a victim have me come out and inspect that roof so you can be sure it's time to replace it. Also have me come out before your warranty on your new roof expires. I have seen many new roof's that were not installed properly just look at this one in this article new roof no problems right?

Zip level You Tube Video

Check on the status of my license click here check the box home inspector at top and type in my license #10393 in the sreach box

Check on the status of my license click here check the box home inspector at top and type in my license #10393 in the sreach box

I hold the highest license for home inspectors. This is the professional home inspectors license my # is 10393 you can check out my license status above on the Texas Real Estate Commission website click the image above

Finding more defects than the ordinary home inspector Houston in the southeast Texas areas. It's no wonder my home inspection services take more time to perform than the regular in and out low quality home inspector Houston. I investigate the home in a meticulous manner scouring through all the intelligence gathered to bring together a magnificent report. Of coarse this will take extra time to perform extra services, but be patient it will pay off for you and your family. The hours invested in the inspection process and the hours invested in the report will make it a clear decision for you and your family. Don't settle for good when you can get the #1 Houston home inspector at an affordable cost. Schedule your great home inspection service today. Weather it's a new home in Houston or older home this certified home inspector has you covered. Houston's Edge Home inspections LLC. will deliver outstanding service to help comfort some of the irritational fears that come when investing in a home.

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Risk free inspection Service

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Hello my name is John Fish owner of Houston’s Edge Home inspections. Offering risk free home inspection services for any home inspection performed for any home buyer. That’s right if your not 100% satisfied with my services the day of the home inspection. You don’t owe me a dime. I personally would never want to collect a fee if someone was unhappy with my performance. You must tell me the day of the home inspection at the property. I will not make you feel uncomfortable in anyway because it’s my responsibility to provide exceptional services and if I don’t I want to hear about it.

Serving all of Houston and many surrounding areas for your convenience.

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